June 2014

Many of you may be wondering if franchising is the right career choice for you. And many of you may have considered franchising in the past but weren’t quite ready. With the recent improvements in the national economy, this is an opportune time to take the first step toward your career as a business entrepreneur. Even if you have survived the layoffs and shut-downs plaguing the country, that comfortable feeling of job security seems to have disappeared, just another casualty of the economic crisis. Some companies are still quietly continuing layoffs, and a sound backup plan is a wise investment of your time and energy.

I have worked with many people forced to make a career change who have found tremendous success and personal satisfaction by becoming a franchise owner. You have the opportunity to put all your best skills and business savvy to work for YOU, and to reap the benefits.

In the eleven years I’ve been doing this, I have never seen as many people coming to take a closer look at franchising as I am seeing today. As the economy improves, franchise companies also show steady increases in growth and sales. In fact, FranChoice continues to vet and successfully add outstanding companies at a record pace. In the last couple of weeks we’ve added a half dozen new companies and have many more launch calls scheduled. Exciting times!

What all this means for you is a broader choice of stunning franchise companies to consider. If it’s time for you to say “I’m in,” simply pick up the phone and let’s have an initial conversation. (Note: My computer system has an aggressive spam filter and if you reply to this newsletter, I may not see it.) It’ll be great to talk with you about your next career move!

Yours in franchising,
Anna Wilds
(706) 736-0579

In This Issue

June Feature Concept

June is jamming with this franchise concept:

  • Makes the outside fun again!
  • Sports an impressive 82% customer retention rate
  • Is a growing, established business that is newly developed as a service industry
  • Has a low total investment of $75K
  • Is a seasonal business so you can recharge during the off- season (winter)
  • Requires few employees
  • Runs Mon – Fri with Sat as a rain back-up day

Please give me a ring at (706) 736-0579 for more information.

The Biggest Word in Business

There is a case for “if” as the biggest word in business. Whether the context is “if only,” “if ever,” or even “if and but . . . ” “if” is a proverbially, and perennially big word. In business it encompasses everything about the cultivation, recognition, and utilization of opportunity.
Note: Be sure to read the poem at the end!

Who do you know or care about that desires to be a business owner in 2014?

Take five minutes to think of a business associate, a friend, or a family member who may have an interest in leaving the corporate world behind to realize the dream of owning a business. Refer him or her to me through a simple email introduction. Include both parties’ email addresses and phone numbers. Copy mine here and paste it in an email to that person – Anna Wilds, Franchise Consultant, (706) 736-0579,awilds@franchoice.com. We’ll take it from there.

Expect your friend or colleague to thank you for making the introduction.