C-Suite Executive Finds Second Career as Franchisee

Fifty-one-year-old Drayton Mayers spent 25 years in the C-Suite, traveling the world for agricultural trade groups dedicated to building global exports for American products. The stressful positions often included regular, international travel that lost its appeal for Mayers. With two teenagers at home and in the midst of a career transition, Mayers wanted a change.

“I was ready to do something else with my life; I just wasn’t sure what,” Mayers said.

Mayer’s outplacement service in Memphis put him in touch with Anna Wilds, a franchise consultant at Franchise Locators, Inc. who helps professionals like Mayers succeed in a second career as a business owner.

“Many times, the people I advise have been laid off, so their industry isn’t one that is hiring right now,” she explained. “Often their industry is in decline, consolidating or moving operations offshore. Their former employers may be getting rid of the job or offering it to someone younger at a lower salary.”

“The prospect of owning a business was appealing to me. What attracted me to franchising was the opportunity to reduce the risk of owning a business. I wouldn’t have to recreate the wheel, or start from scratch,” Mayers explained.

After a comprehensive franchise investigation, an IT services company that caters to small and medium sized businesses awarded Mayers a franchise. His role as the business owner allowed him to use his skills and natural abilities to be successful.

“I didn’t know anything about running an IT company,” Mayers said. “But I love meeting people; I love hearing their stories; why they’re doing what they’re doing and how they want to be better. I liked the idea of being part of their solution.”

Mayers went from networking around the globe to networking around his home town of Memphis, hopping in the car instead of on a plane.

Three and a half years since opening his franchise, Mayers says he is on plan. His franchise ranks among the top 25 percent in profitability, and he believes the choice of franchising over independent business ownership was the correct one.

“Some people have the time, talent and treasure to greenfield a business; others want the assistance. That’s the beauty of franchising.”

“This has been the right move. There’s no question. It’s the most exciting, most fulfilling and scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s definitely the right move,” he said.

Are you ready to discovery what exciting second career provides the lifestyle you desire?