Globe Trotter Enjoys Family Dinners Now


Drayton Mayers, franchisee

By 2010, Drayton Mayers had lived and worked in more than 90 countries. He traveled at least once a month, spending a week to 10 days away from his family at a time. His job would go non-stop for 16 hours a day, six days a week at times.

“I missed more anniversaries, birthdays, recitals, soccer games, holidays, skinned knees, you name it … I missed it,” Mayers said.

He knew it was time for a change.

“I was looking for a business opportunity. First, I looked at consultancy, but then I’d be jumping on an airplane again. I didn’t want that. I considered moving from my home in Memphis, Tenn., for more opportunities, but that wasn’t a desired outcome either. Then, I found Anna through my career coach at the outplacement firm my company provided.”

Franchising was the opportunity Mayers was looking for to retain his earning power and create the lifestyle he desired. However, before they even began looking at franchises, Wilds gave Mayers the most important piece of advice she could offer:

“You have to keep an open mind.”

“It’s not surprising to me that people are awarded franchises in industries they’ve never worked in before,” says Wilds. “I match people based on what they like to do, the lifestyle they desire and what they can afford. Employers want experience; franchisors want skills. My prospects’ industry experience is really immaterial, and they always choose franchises in industries completely new to them.”

While Mayers admits that he wasn’t sure what kind of franchise opportunities he would be presented with, he had confidence that Anna would steer him in the right direction.

After a rigorous franchise discovery process, Mayers, a textile industry veteran, was awarded an IT services franchise.

“This may surprise people since Mayers does not have a technology background,” said Wilds. “His role as the business owner is to network with other business owners who have a need to outsource their technology services. Since Drayton is a natural networker and is so relationship-oriented, this is a natural and enjoyable way for him to spend his work days.”

What once was a career filled with long hours and constant travel has become the life that Mayers always wanted. He has breakfast with the family, is home in time for dinner and spends his evenings with his children.

“I just had faith in Anna and the process she took me through and I’m so pleased,” Mayers said. “I recommend her to other C-Suite executives considering a business.”

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