Fact Check: Don’t I need some experience with a product or service to become a franchisee in that industry?

A former chief executive of agricultural trade groups now owns a franchise of technology gurus.

A woman who spent 27 years working in financial services runs a franchise specializing in in-home senior care.

A gentleman who recently finished a 30 year career doing home appraisals is opening a franchised kickboxing studio this spring.

Say what?

Fact: Experience doesn’t matter when choosing a franchise. Skills and lifestyle preferences do.

When Drayton Mayers decided to trade the career that had him traveling around the world on ...

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Goodbye Corporate America, Hello Business Ownership!

At 42 years of age, Tom Finley was fed up.

He wasn’t approaching retirement, nor had he been laid off. But after decades of working in corporate America, Finley was ready to take his career in a new direction.

“I was tired of working for somebody else,” Finley said. “I was sick of the bureaucracy. When a problem came up with a client, I wanted to be able to handle it, not go through the corporate process. I was ready to go ...

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Can Franchise Consultants Help Outplacement Firms? For this Career Professional, the answer is YES!


Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee spent most of his adult life helping people determine their professional paths. With 18 years of experience in outplacement services, career consulting, and human resources leadership, Lee is capable of steering his clientsRaymond Lee to their ideal career almost every time.

When that career path includes entrepreneurship, he calls Franchise Locators’ Anna Wilds.

“Anna offers expertise in being able ...

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Finding a Franchise When Family Comes First

Patty Bergey saw the writing on the wall. The corporate life she knew was about to end.

The married mother of two boys spent 27 years working in financial services. With the economic troubles of 2008 drying up new business, the division she was working in was shutting down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThankfully, as employees at her company were given their end dates, they were ...

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Real Estate Appraiser Kicks Some Tail!

Larry Keller was 54 years old when he got the phone call from his boss telling him he was out of a job. Keller spent his entire adult life in the banking industry, serving as an area appraisal manager for Southern California and Hawaii at the time of his layoff.

“I ran the top region for the largest home loan lender in the nation. When the home loan volume went away, so did my job. It was a total shock,” Keller ...

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Globe Trotter Enjoys Family Dinners Now

By 2010, Drayton Mayers had lived and worked in more than 90 countries. He traveled at least once a month, spending a week to 10 days away from his family at a time. His job would go non-stop for 16 hours a day, six days a week at times.

“I missed more anniversaries, birthdays, recitals, soccer games, holidays, skinned knees, you name it … I missed it,” Mayers said.

He knew it was time for a change.

“I was looking for a business ...

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C-Suite Executive Finds Second Career as Franchisee

Fifty-one-year-old Drayton Mayers spent 25 years in the C-Suite, traveling the world for agricultural trade groups dedicated to building global exports for American products. The stressful positions often included regular, international travel that lost its appeal for Mayers. With two teenagers at home and in the midst of a career transition, Mayers wanted a change.

“I was ready to do something else with my life; I just wasn’t sure what,” Mayers said.

Mayer’s outplacement service in Memphis put him in touch with ...

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