Can Franchise Consultants Help Outplacement Firms? For this Career Professional, the answer is YES!


Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee spent most of his adult life helping people determine their professional paths. With 18 years of experience in outplacement services, career consulting, and human resources leadership, Lee is capable of steering his clientsRaymond Lee to their ideal career almost every time.

When that career path includes entrepreneurship, he calls Franchise Locators’ Anna Wilds.

“Anna offers expertise in being able to screen candidates to be business owners. If it’s a fit, then she guides them to the right business. As a career consultant, that wasn’t something I had in my skill set,” Lee explained.

And he’s not alone.

Career coaches excel at helping people transition from one job or career to the next but are less often experienced when it comes to guiding clients ready to venture away from the job world into entrepreneurship.

As a franchise consultant, Wilds fills that void for career professionals especially those at outplacement firms.

“I spend 15 to 20 hours on average per person at no charge, so it’s a win both for the career professionals and their clients. Career coaches help people transition from one job to the next. Our expertise is helping people transition from the corporate world into business ownership,” Wilds explained.

Lee met Wilds in 2013 through a recommendation from a fellow career consultant. For Lee, it was an opportunity to learn a bit more about franchise opportunities and dispel the misconception he had about the options available with franchised businesses.

“I’d say I had a lack of understanding in regard to franchising. When I thought of a franchise, I thought of something traditional, like a fast food chain,” Lee said. “Anna taught me that there are a lot more choices than that.”

“Like everyone else, people in the career industry have preconceived notions about franchises. Twelve years ago was the first and last time I placed someone with a food concept. That shocks a lot of people,” Wilds said.

According to the International Franchise Association, over 70 different industries utilize the franchise business model. The range is very broad from home-based businesses with no employees to the classic retail concepts us Americans frequent as consumers.

Lee referred one of his clients, Larry Keller, to Wilds in 2014 with positive results.

Lee looks forward to working with Wilds again when his clients express an interest in having an alternative to a corporate job and doing something on their own.

“Larry had a good experience with Anna, so we will certainly refer her again. As a career consultant, she’s definitely a good resource to have.”

Are you a career coach or professional advisor with clients interested in entrepreneurship? Click here for more information on how Franchise Locators expands your career possibilities.