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Finding the right business for you!

Whether you’re an individual interested in franchising or a professional adviser wanting to ensure that your clients are getting expert advice, Franchise Locators can help. We’re here to help you understand that franchise business ownership is a proven way to mitigate risk and maximize return as an entrepreneur.

Our clients include people in career transition, high net-worth individuals eager to diversify their current holdings and professional advisors with clients needing expert knowledge on franchise business ownership.

These professionals include career coaches, business consultants, executive coaches, sports agents, investment advisors, attorneys, accountants and the like.

Professional Advisors

Outplacement firms, executive coaches and investment advisors to high net-worth individuals value the depth of expertise we bring their clients regarding franchise investments, especially in the area of executive franchises and semi-absentee franchises.

Senior couple with financial adviser.Professional advisors invite us to become a part of their advisory teams so that we can ensure their clients achieve their long term investment objectives. People who have told us our services are a good fit include:

  1.    Career professionals with clients interested in exploring business ownership.
  2.    Executive and business coaches with limited franchise experience.
  3.    Investment advisors needing franchise business venture expertise.

Strategic Alliance Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of our marketing program for our strategic partners. It’s quick and easy to join this free resource that enables you to grow your business, increase your online presence and give your business a competitive advantage.

Click here to learn all the benefits of our free Strategic Alliance Program and become a member today!


Whether you’re a sales executive from the health care industry, a mortgage banker, a C-level executive in a dotcom business, or a newspaper person, there is a franchise for you. The only thing that separates an employee from an entrepreneur is the desire to be a business owner, and we’re here to help you find the right business for you. Father And Teenage Son Looking At Laptop Together

We will empower you to make well-informed decisions as to whether franchise business ownership is the right next career move or investment opportunity for you. Our 30 Day Discovery Process saves you time and money as we work together to research and find the business that’s right for you much easier, faster and simpler than if you were doing this on your own. People who’ve found our services very beneficial include:

  1.    People frustrated with the corporate world and don’t want to go back or feel they can’t.
  2.    People longing to own their own business but are confused about which business is right for them.
  3.    Investors needing risk-reducing diversification.