5 big reasons career coaches love franchise consultants

Career coaches spend their time helping other people take their next career step. That’s a big responsibility — often involving clients that are highly emotional from the loss of a job or the uncertainty of what’s ahead.

“Often the people that I deal with in transition are pretty emotional,” said career coach Kathy Arrowsmith. “They’re dealing with low self-esteem. Lots of them are in their 50s, even in their 60s, and thought they were in a life-long career. It’s hard for them to look past their current situation and see that there is something else out there for them.”

Thankfully, career coaches have lots of resources at their disposal to help their clients with the transition, none more important than an experienced franchise consultant.

Why a franchise consultant?

They don’t cost any money. Franchise consultants aren’t paid by career coaches or their clients, so whether it’s a quick consultation or a full discovery process, their services are free of charge. Naturally, all franchise consultants are not the same. It’s important to ask about years of experience, credentials and references.

They lighten a coach’s workload. Coaches at outplacement firms often deal with waves of new clients when big companies lay off employees. Quality franchise consultants can spend up to 20 hours of service per person. So when coaches have clients interested in exploring business ownership as a second act career, they can make the referral and focus on their next client. A good franchise consultant will keep the career coach updated on their client’s progress.

They help “the 5 percent.” Most of the people using career coaches are looking for employment, not entrepreneurship. However, those who are ready to start their own business may be beyond the expertise of the career coach.

“As a career coach, you hit the wall sometimes,” Arrowsmith said. “Clients don’t want to listen or are still focused on something they may not be able to get back into. (Franchise consultant) Anna (Wilds) is a terrific asset helping people redirect their focus and concentrate on their transferrable skills and long-term goals.”

They are educators. Not everyone who works with a franchise consultant will be awarded a franchise. Often it’s because they weren’t right to become business owners in the first place, or they did or said something during the interview process to hurt their chances. Franchise consultants help people discover whether they are good franchise candidates or not. Like a good career coach, a good franchise coach prepares the candidate for the interview process.

“Anna offers expertise in being able to screen candidates to be small business owners,” careerminds’ Raymond Lee said. “She puts them through a thorough process to see whether or not they are a good fit.”

They make coaches look good. Career coaches want all their clients to “land” and to find professional success and personal satisfaction when they do take that next career step. Franchise consultants help them achieve that goal.

“The awesome part about what I do comes when I hear back from people and hear that they’re doing well,” Arrowsmith said. “Whatever it is that they are passionate about doing, I want them to look into that. For them, franchising could be a great opportunity.”

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