5 big reasons career coaches love franchise consultants

Career coaches spend their time helping other people take their next career step. That’s a big responsibility — often involving clients that are highly emotional from the loss of a job or the uncertainty of what’s ahead.

“Often the people that I deal with in transition are pretty emotional,” said career coach Kathy Arrowsmith. “They’re dealing with low self-esteem. Lots of them are in their 50s, even in their 60s, and thought they were in a life-long career. It’s hard for ...

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Fact Check: If I buy a franchise, does that mean I’ll be flipping burgers?

When most people think of a franchise, their minds immediately think fast food. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

“I had a real lack of understanding about franchising. “When I thought of a franchise, I thought of something more traditional, like a fast food chain,” said Raymond Lee, CEO of careerminds, a national outplacement firm.

Fact: There are more than 3,000 franchise opportunities in the United States, most of which are not in the fast food sector.

Franchising is a ...

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Can Franchise Consultants Help Outplacement Firms? For this Career Professional, the answer is YES!


Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee spent most of his adult life helping people determine their professional paths. With 18 years of experience in outplacement services, career consulting, and human resources leadership, Lee is capable of steering his clientsRaymond Lee to their ideal career almost every time.

When that career path includes entrepreneurship, he calls Franchise Locators’ Anna Wilds.

“Anna offers expertise in being able ...

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